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About us

Capricorn Computers is one of the biggest & fastest growing IT hardware distribution and solution companies in Bangladesh. Capricorn Computers is early founded in 2001.

Capricorn Computers was established with the sole aim to keep the generation updated with the fastest access to the digital world. Capricorn Computers has succeeded as the fastest growing IT company in the country by focusing on famous technology, brands & solution with an excellent team available.

We are a distributor of Xprinter, a famous brand in china for POS and Label printers. Also, distributer of Toten which is famous for networking server cabinet worldwide. We also have our own branding in the Bangladesh market by the name of BlackCat, Mediaview, and Fibercom for many years. Notable brands are BlackCat for computer accessories, Fibercom for networking accessories, and Media view for projector screens. We are proud to sell our own brand in the Bangladesh market with a good reputation. Which inspired us to manufacture all of our brand’s items in our own country “Made in Bangladesh”.

We are different in the profession, but dreamers by passion. We believe that sharing goodness will get us to goodness. We want to set a milestone by helping others to realize their dreams.